Photo Editing: Artistically speaking

I wanted to see if I could make this into an image with a more artistic feel to it;  to see what I could accomplish without using one of the one-click apps that convert photos to oils or watercolour.119 8x6So I brought up the details and liked what was happening in the sky and the branches of the tree.

119 SL1 8x6I adjusted the colour in the sky

119 SL2 8x6I added median filter to the land area to reduce the sharp details, except for the tree which I wanted to keep sharp. It’s admittedly a very slight difference in detail but I liked the difference.

119 SL2 medfilter 8x6I added a Gaussian blur to push the right hand side of the image back further and make it less distinct and tweaked the land colours very slightly. This is the final image

119 SL2 medfilter gaussian frame 8x6Horseshoe Canyon, Alberta

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