Photo Editing: Personal touch

I have been experimenting with artistic effects on my photographs.  I have used Fotosketcher in the past, often with enjoyable results, but now I want to make the images more my own and so have been exploring the tools of Sagelight, my preferred editing program.  I’ve done a comparison of the original photo with a Fotosketcher version and then my own version produced with Sagelight.  Having used various tools on various settings, it is highly unlikely I could reproduce my version again, but that’s what I like about it – it’s mine and it’s an only.   This is the original, taken at Lake Agimak in northern Ontario.Agimak lake 8This is the Fotosketcher 2.3 version, set on watercolour with the sliders randomly adjusted.Agimak lake 8 FotoSketcher watercolor 8x6

And this is my Sagelight version Agimak lake 8 sl painterly 8x6

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9 thoughts on “Photo Editing: Personal touch

    1. Thank you, Gilly. I might try to see if I can generate a bit more light into my version but, overall, I prefer subtler as well. Appreciate your input, as always.


  1. Interesting idea. I much prefer the Sagelight version. Fotosketcher’s effect on the water looks like a an effect intended for the clouds was applied in the wrong place.


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