Photo Editing: Personal touch

I have been experimenting with artistic effects on my photographs.  I have used Fotosketcher in the past, often with enjoyable results, but now I want to make the images more my own and so have been exploring the tools of Sagelight, my preferred editing program.  I’ve done a comparison of the original photo with a Fotosketcher version and then my own version produced with Sagelight.  Having used … Continue reading Photo Editing: Personal touch

Photo Editing: Patterns of light

I was working on these already when I saw “Patterns” was Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge prompt.  So I played some more.  I had a night photo of distant city lights and from it created these images of light patterns.  All of these images are from one original photo, which I included at the end of this post. I’d love to hear what you think and which you like best, if any at all 😉  I used Photoscape, Photoshop Elements 8, Paint, and Sagelight to achieve the effects.  Click on any photo for a closer look.

digital art abstract patterns of light

digital art abstract patterns of light

digital art abstract patterns of light

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I’m lovin’ this software

I’ve said before that I am a tweaker.   Some take pride, and rightly so, in getting the shot just the way they wanted it without tweaking.  I use a point and shoot; I don’t have all the adjustments, lenses, and filters and experience necessary to get the shot the way I might envision it.  So I tweak.

I think of every photo as a canvas on which to create the most interesting result I can. And I am testing out some new-to-me software on a 30-day free trial – Sagelight.  I ever so quickly checked out Lightroom and, like other Adobe Photoshop software,I ever so quickly found out it is beyond my understanding.  But I’m lovin’ this Sagelight.  So many things to try.  So many variations. So many combinations. And infinite possibilities.

From this original photo –
field and woods and skyI cropped and began to experiment – Continue reading “I’m lovin’ this software”