Photography, Black and white

Photo Editing: night and day

In keeping with the season …

In Sagelight I inverted the original  and then using the undo brush I undid the inverted effect on the church spire, except for the windows, which I left inverted so that they look like they are lit.  I worked up the sky texture using effects in Sagelight.  The flare was added using Photoscape.  church spire against night sky

Original is below. DSCN1477 St Andrews RC

weekly photo challenge

All Gone

I woke up on Tuesday and looked at myself in the mirror and said, “So! You made it to 65!”
With that in mind I had to go the ‘lost youth’ route for this challenge.
Grafton Lynne first pay cheque SLMe at 16 with my first pay cheque,  all of $75 for 1-1/2 weeks work.
Gone are those days, gone is my youth and gone is that pay cheque. 

Weekly photo challenge: Gone but not forgotten



A-Z Challenge (again): R (whoops & S)

I’m back again for another round of A-Z challenge but, wanting to add a personal challenge to the challenge, I am going to concentrate on signs this time – pretty signs, interesting signs, funny signs … whatever.

Visby, Gotland

Visby, Gotland

restaurant sign Stockholm


Warnemunde, Germany

Warnemunde, Germany

Now for S

wooden shoe Kinderdijk

Kinderdijk, Holland

sign narberth Wales

Narberth, Wales

Mevagissey street sign

Mevagissey, Cornwall