Composition – from every angle

Weekly photo challenge: From every angle – I found this to be a good reminder.  The first or obvious shot is not always the best shot.  Changing the angle changes the perspective, the background and the composition, any of which can add or detract from the shot.   I went out into my garden and shot a round of images of St. Francis.  I kept post processing to a bare minimum and did the same steps for each image.  Here are two establishing shots –

The first was my obvious shot – slightly off centre and not face on.  However, I prefer the second as it has more depth.

Two more similar shots –

I prefer the first as I think it provides more information and better lighting but you can see I now have some background in both of these shots that detracts from the image.

Of these three I dislike the middle one.  The features on my statue are somewhat indistinct and the middle shot highlights this.  The images below both seem to highlight the features pleasingly.

And one last image which I rather liked.

DSCN7987 sl 8x6The point of the exercise is it’s important to look for an interesting and perhaps different angle and to really look at what is in the frame.

9 thoughts on “Composition – from every angle

  1. A great exercise, Lynne. Working a subject usually results in discovering a better angle. You sure did. This helps work through portrait angles for people, too…this guy held nice and still for you.

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  2. In the fourth group, there is something about the angle of the first shot that I find engaging. Other than that, I like the shot from the back too, but you lose the sense of what/who you’re seeing.


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