Black and White Sunday – Sculpture

Paula’s Black and White Sunday: SculptureTheodor Lundberg created this statue of Christopher Polhem, (1661-1751) a Swedish scientist, inventor and industrialist.   He was born in Gotland in a village northeast of Visby where this statue stands on the grounds of Drotten Church.  Having a particular interest in mathematics and mining, one of his contributions was a process for lifting and transporting ore from mines.  It consisted … Continue reading Black and White Sunday – Sculpture

After Before at the Bus Stop

Stacy at Visual Venturing hosts After Before Friday.  This week Loré Dombaj at Snow’s Fissures and Fractures graciously agreed to stand in while Stacy takes a break. This is my original image.  I liked the shadows and lines but beyond that I found it uninteresting.  There is no point of interest. I decided to give the girl on the right a greater role. In cropping I … Continue reading After Before at the Bus Stop