Door/9 – 25 Via del Forte

Behind this door lived an aging widow.  She sat with me while I sketched the beautiful doors of Verrucole in Tuscany.  She had walked up the hill with pails of chestnuts from the woods and fresh beans and I helped her carry them inside.  I asked if I could take her photo but she gently declined, unfortunately.  Below is a watercolour I did.  Continue reading Door/9 – 25 Via del Forte

One Photo Focus – Castle

Stacy at Visual Venturing hosts One Photo Focus.  She provides the photo and we all edit it our own way. Then she does all the work of pulling it all together on her site.  (Thank you, Stacy)  It’s always interesting to see the varied interpretations. This is the original photo submitted by Benjamin Rowe. The JPeg I downloaded was unfortunately very small, only  53.7kb so … Continue reading One Photo Focus – Castle