More about Composition

Composition is one of the elements that scared me the most when I first started painting.  I did not have a handle on what made a composition ‘good’.  But it’s true that the more you do the better you get and composing my photos is becoming second nature.  I look for something on which to ‘hang’ the composition. My first image (click on images to enlarge them) … Continue reading More about Composition

Photo Editing: Redesigning

I’ve been reviewing some of my photos and thinking, “this should be a pretty good image, but it isn’t.  What’s wrong with it?”  Then I reverted to my painting and composition background and realized, “They are too busy.  If I’d painted this it wouldn’t be so cluttered.”  So I set forth and changed the landscape :).  Here are two examples. The black hole on the … Continue reading Photo Editing: Redesigning

Composition – from every angle

Weekly photo challenge: From every angle – I found this to be a good reminder.  The first or obvious shot is not always the best shot.  Changing the angle changes the perspective, the background and the composition, any of which can add or detract from the shot.   I went out into my garden and shot a round of images of St. Francis.  I kept post … Continue reading Composition – from every angle

Black and White: Composition

Cee’s black and white challenge is hands, feet or paws.  Thus challenged I decided to see what I could glean from my street photography files.  I wanted to see if I could produce an engaging image with feet as the focus; not just a photo of feet, but a photo that might give pause to the viewer – a composition challenge.  Not so easy, a … Continue reading Black and White: Composition

Contemplative Photography

I’ve been hearing the term “Contemplative Photography”.  Just the words are appealing – conjures up Zen and meditative philosophies, new age music and yoga – a spa sort of atmosphere.  Going in search of just what contemplative photography is I came across this at Seeing Fresh:

“The practice of contemplative photography is an approach
to the art of photography that emphasizes developing the ability to see.”

Taken this week in my own backyard … Continue reading “Contemplative Photography”