The Horse Guards – Week 1

Robyn at Captivate Me hosts the One Four Challenge – one of our own photos four different ways over the course of the month, on Mondays.  (Yes, I’m a day late)

This is my photo for the month – it was taken during the changing of the guard at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.  This will be about searching for the images within the photo.  I’ll try to get four good crops out of this and then play with them in hopes of producing four interesting images from the one photo.

DSCN4693 Kungliga slottet Royal Palace 8X6

Week 1

Pretty straightforward –  I enhanced the detail, lightened the background so the guards stand out more and added light to the horses. Editing done in Sagelight.

DSCN4693 Kungliga slottet Royal Palace SL3 8x6

7 thoughts on “The Horse Guards – Week 1

  1. This must bring very fond memories for you Lynne.
    A great photo to work with and I like the way you are approaching it again this month.
    The first is a great success – definitely a story on it’s own and I like the touch of glow – perhaps that is in the image. Looking forward to the next 3 😀

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