El Querandí

I love watching people dance the Tango and so, when in Buenos Aires, we took in a show about the history of the dance.  It was in  El Querandí,  a fairly small club in the San Telmo district, older, lovely wood paneling … this image captures the essence of that evening.  Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion Continue reading El Querandí

ABFriday: Changing the Mood

This was an experiment in changing the atmosphere of an image.  To create the low lying mist I inverted the image and then using the undo brush on varying levels of hardness and pressure I reverted it back to the original.   I think my technique needs more practice but I found the results interesting. Done in Sagelight. Hosted by Stacy at Visual Venturing Original … Continue reading ABFriday: Changing the Mood

Black and White: Form and Contrast

Rainy day so I played.  Today I concentrated on composition over clarity, looking for pleasing shapes and contrasts and lines; looking at the images as art work rather than a record of a moment in time.   I made use of the median filter to remove detail from some areas in order to highlight other areas.  These are what I came up with.   The … Continue reading Black and White: Form and Contrast

ABFriday: Venice

Chiesa di San Salvatore in Venice Stacy sponsors ABFriday at Visual Venturing My original photo (below) was underexposed and overrun with tourists but the door to this church was magnificent.  I wanted to highlight it and play down the unavoidable people.  I cropped it, despite that wonderful lighting at the top of the door and then used paint to eliminate some of people.  I adjusted … Continue reading ABFriday: Venice

Photo Editing: One Photo Focus: The Porch

Stacy’s provides the photo and we give our interpretation. This is the original photo -obviously centre stage goes to the tree and vines but I found the chairs on the porch interesting – I love porches. So I cropped it down to some interesting lines –And I took it into Paint and made some changes – And then in Sagelight I aged it and added a median … Continue reading Photo Editing: One Photo Focus: The Porch