Photo Editing: Infared Plus

Had some more fun today – returned to some effects I haven’t used for a while, found something new, and tried some this ‘n’  and than ‘n’ …download 005

Here is the original …download 005

… which I converted to infrared in PS Elements 8 …download 005 infared

From there I went to Sagelight and added a blue tint, then removed some of the tint from the foliage, used the dodge and burn to darken some of the over-bright areas, added an HDR effect and cropped the image to remove the left side because it was too dark and distracting.  I took one more step and went to Fotosketcher to give it a painterly look and that result is here.   Comments and critique welcome.

17 thoughts on “Photo Editing: Infared Plus

  1. Really beautiful! The first one definitely came across as winter-ish for me therefore it was a lovely surprise to see how you have managed to play with my perception 🙂


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