The Sign Post – Humourous

It seems it’s time for another sign post, so from my extensive collection, we have:

Dartmoor Not comforting to see such a sign on the narrow lanes of England – taken in Dartmoor. Also in Dartmoor

a good play on words catches more attention.

Moor Care

Taken atop Jungfrau in Switzerland …Junfraujoch Who knew one icicle could do such damage?

DSCN3990 St PetersburgPictogram – no words required … which is a good thing because the native language was Russian and they don’t even use our alphabet.  Taken in St Petersburg.

Hay-on-Wye  A little sales pressure in a book store in Hay-on-Wye in Wales.  And lastly a personal favourite.  As I approached this sign at the doors to the washroom in the train station in Cardiff I actually stopped, paused, looked around, and wondered if I was of sufficient class to use this washroom …

005 Upper Crust


When I exited I looked across the way and saw … the Uppercrust Restaurant.  😉

Weekly Photo Challenge: The sign says

25 thoughts on “The Sign Post – Humourous

  1. Well, I remember the sheep laying in the grass in Norway looked very much like rocks, so we didn’t pay attention when driving by on the motorbike. That was, until one of them decided to get up and move 😉


    1. Another of my favourites from Wales, of which I unfortunately don’t have a photo, is
      Caution! Oncoming traffic in the middle of the road.
      THAT is unnerving as you face another blind curve on their narrow roads.


  2. It is so true about the animals up on Dartmoor! As open land they do tend to take a nap in the most awkward spots on the road! Thank you for makung me smikevabout my home county. 🙂


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