A Taste of Tallinn

This pretty girl and her co-worker were greeters at the Olde Hansa on Vana Turg in Tallinn, Estonia – a Medieval-themed restaurant in the interesting old town.  She encouraged us to take a peak inside – “you don’t have to eat, just look inside, it’s beautiful”.  We did peak inside and then she was happy to let me take her photo.

girls in costume TallinnI couldn’t resist a shot of her shoes – the length of the point indicated status and wealth.

costume shoes in TallinnThe girl in the adjoining store was also in costume …

girl in costume in Tallinn shopThe old city of Tallinn has an incredibly rich texture with winding cobbled streets, public squares, and interesting architecture as might be expected of a city with a history that stretches back over a thousand years. The old town has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site and paradoxically today’s Tallinn is listed among the top 10 digital cities in the world, and is the home of Skype.

We passed several souvenir carts with girls in dress as well.  We had unusually fine weather when in Tallinn; we had expected somewhat dreary days of 10C but it was bright, sunny and warm.  She must have been warmer.

girl in costume in TallinnThis last shot is an old favourite of mine – my girls on Hallowe’en almost 30 years ago.

Hallowe'en costumeAilsa’s travel theme is: Costume

24 thoughts on “A Taste of Tallinn

        1. You can tell a lot by shoes – a friend wrote an essay about the shoes in her life and it took us her to ballet lessons as a little girl, to her running shoes and soccer, to her strappy sandals … it was really well done.


    1. Its a gem Dianne – the old town is extensive and charming with a lot of historical interest, both medieval and recent – such as the fall of the USSR and their relatively recent freedom from communism.


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