New Friends

award inner peace award liebster

New friends – Peggy bestowed the Liebster award upon me and my humble blog, and Samina hosts forum for police support and she has given me Inner Peace 😉

Haven’t done this in a while … but they took the time so I would like to acknowledge them. I don’t follow the rules but I thought I’d use the opportunity to provide a personal glimpse of me … the questions come from Peggy: Continue reading “New Friends”

Things are looking up

Sonel’s black and white challenge this week is: Upward.  I decided to concentrate on architecture … and became inspired   😉  …

Then I started experimenting …
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Distracted by Abstract

I found Sonel’s black and white challenge exciting this week.  Abstract.  A definition-defying category, although Sonel has given some good resources as a helpful guide. For me it is about shapes and contrasts in a pleasing balanced design.  Balanced doesn’t necessarily mean symmetrical as asymmetrical can also be ‘pleasing’, and more dynamic.   I do like to play with my photographs and these are some … Continue reading Distracted by Abstract

Stream in a Thicket

Here in North America we have sweltered under a huge heat dome for days now – my thermometer has shown 40C  (104F) daily, and with high humidity it feels as if I will dissolve into one large puddle.  The Weekly Photo Challenge of Fresh is timely.  I have no lake at my doorstep, no pool in the backyard, air conditioning only in the bedroom … there are so many fans blowing inside it’s a wonder the house doesn’t rotate upwards off its foundations.  A stream to dabble my toes in at least would make me feel fresher …

gurgling stream over rocksAnd this is a watercolour and ink I did from this photo …
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Visual Quotations 16

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us”. – Winston Churchill On the most northerly point of Brittany, on the peninsula of Plougrescant, is the Chapelle Saint-Gonéry, with its crooked belfry.   The Chapelle is a historic monument –  part twelfth-century Romanesque and part fifteenth century flamboyant. And another tilting shot … 16th Century timbered houses in Troyes, on the Seine river about 150 km southeast … Continue reading Visual Quotations 16

Who ARE These People?

Back in April I posted that I had (finally) sent my book to print.  I had done all that I could looking at it on the computer screen.  I needed a hard copy.  I needed to feel paper between my fingers.  I needed to be able to flick back and forth between the pages.  The copy came VERY quickly and it’s taken me this long, with a vacation and double pneumonia in between, to finalize it … until the next batch of typos is rounded up ;(

It is a book of family stories, so not a huge reading audience but if you want to just take Continue reading “Who ARE These People?”

Sun Sun Mr Golden Sun

There is no photography without light and so as photographers we watch for good light, and eventually we purposefully seek the best light.  The best light is called the Golden Hour – it’s not about the sunset or the sunrise – it’s about the quality of light found during the first hour after daybreak, and the last hour before sunset.  While I acknowledge that mornings can be beautiful, filled with tranquility and peace, alas I am not a morning person so these photos are rare in my photo library … luckily I didn’t have to go far as they were taken in my yard …morning light filtering through treesmist over field in the morningBelow is an urban shot taken in the evening light … Continue reading “Sun Sun Mr Golden Sun”