Oneov is no longer Oneov

No wonder blogging is addictive.  Such rewards.  Collectively we know so much – my little corner of the blogging world has identified Oneov, and in less than 12 hours.  Kudos go to Rustic Recluse.  She wrote:

I have FINALLY identified the church, thanks to your comment about the reconstruction, and I spotted a little ship on the bottom right corner of the last picture! ❤ (Sorry, I’m a tad more excited than I should be!) I was so vested in your post I couldn’t stop staring, and slowly figured you were on the Neva River! It’s called Metochion of Kiev Pechersk Lavra. In English it’s known as The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, on Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment! I hope this gives you (and myself too!) some peace of mind!

Of course I followed with some additional googling and she is backed up by the Saint Petersburg encyclopaedia.

Unfortunately there is no reward … I didn’t say there was a reward did I?  There’s no reward … onion dome church St Petersburg Russia onion dome church St Petersburg Russia

13 thoughts on “Oneov is no longer Oneov

  1. Lynne & Rustic Recluse – thank you for saving my sanity! My wife took a photo of this church when we were in St Petersburg recently and I have been unable to identify it until now. I have spent the thick end of an evening trawling through images of St Petersburg trying to find it – just cannot understand why there is no reference to it on any of the tourism sites. Will always think of it as St Oneov’s now anyway! Thanks again, Richard


    1. You made me smile Richard 🙂 I spent at least that much time trawling the internet and, like you, could not find a single photo or reference. For anyone else following, it is now renamed St Oneov’s. Interesting you finally made the identification through my blog, with thanks to Rustic Recluse of course 😉


      1. Well Lynne, I was so pleased to find it that I actually exclaimed ‘Glory Hallelujah!’ out loud, which was quite appropriate given the nature of the building 🙂 Incidentally, I checked the link to your paintings – they are beautiful.


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