The Busker

It’s said that no amount of photoshopping can make a bad photo good … But I rather like this bad shot.  It gives me the feeling of a painting of one of the old Masters. This is a pre-scheduled post – I am taking a break right now and so won’t be able to respond to your comments, but I’ll be back soon. I’d still … Continue reading The Busker

Things are lookin’ up

Frisbeetarianism is the belief that when you die, your soul goes UP on the roof and gets stuck. – George Carlin

When wandering around a new city, or out on a photo shoot, one direction often overlooked is UP.  If you don’t look up you miss …

snow capped peak in French Alps
Snow capped peak in the French Alps

the sun kissing the snow-capped peak as she tentatively peaks over the top …

sun-kissed mountain peaks in French Alps
Sun rising over the French Alps

or the funky building ornament to add to your collection ….

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Last Call

This change represented the emptying of our pockets of the very last of our Euros after a month’s vacation in England and France.  Last of our money, last drink at our favoured brasserie – tomorrow would find us homeward bound, changing from Central European Time back to Eastern Daylight Time. Related image on Beyond the Brush Photography: Changing up The weekly photo challenge is: Change Continue reading Last Call


Born out of an interest in history, ancestors, and family. I find it astounding that, because of the placement of my birth in the mid-20th C, I have memories of people spanning three centuries – between my grandparents born in the late 19th C to my own grandchildren born in the 21st C. Maybe one day, a generation down the road, a genealogy-junkie descendent will … Continue reading Hallelujah!

Colour less intensive

Bold colour is not a requirement for an eye-catching photo.  Another case of less can be more, when subtleties of hue might promote enjoyment of other aspects of the photo – line and atmosphere, negative space, depth, perspective or overall composition.

setting sun on flooded fields Glengarry County
Spring sunset in Frog Hollow
Spring sunset on flooded fields in Glengarry County eastern Ontario
Spring sunset in Frog Hollow

Sometimes an almost total lack of hue, without reverting to black and white, is what makes the photo interesting … Continue reading “Colour less intensive”

I’m a Tweaker

I tweak my photographs.  It’s true.  Not everyone likes to tweak, but I’m a tweaker. As a result not all of my photos are accurate recordings of the scene, but they are reflections of my taste and vision.   I like to see what my photo can do  – Does it benefit from cropping?  Is there more than one good shot within the photo?  What if I slightly blur the background, or change the level of contrast?  My computer is filling up with many different versions of many different photos.  Whole days can be lost to this messing about 🙂

My personal preference is not to push the colours or contrast too far – unless I’m working with the photo as an art piece.  I really pushed the colour on this one and although unnatural, in this case I liked the effect …
River stream through pastures eastern Ontario

But some very ho-hum shots shine with the smallest of tweaks.

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Montréal is a city like no other.  I grew up on the West Island; my first job was in downtown Montréal; and I was there during the exciting, vibrant year of Expo 67.  Then politics happened – the FLQ crisis and bombs in mailboxes – and I left and except for a few initial return visits, I have not been back, largely because something is awry in Montréal.

Montreal street in evening Continue reading “Montréal”