Stress and the 6 year-old

Mummy tucked me in, kissed my cheek and slipped from the room.  Light of the mid-June sun filtered through the drawn blind and my eyes lingered on the dancing shadows … but my thoughts returned, again, to school.  With most of the exams behind me I wondered if I would pass grade two … and, oh my, if I did, would I make it through grade three?  Little butterflies began their dance in my stomach.  Grade four?  My heart beat a little faster.  Five? Six? These thoughts plagued me every night when sleep wouldn’t come. My anxious mind raced on. Would seven prove to be too much?

This is in response to Julia’s 100 Word Challenge Week 53 with the prompt: would seven prove to be too much?

Cartoon from Free Digital Photos


25 thoughts on “Stress and the 6 year-old

  1. We hear people say they would like the carefree life of a child but, within their young world, they also have concerns and feel stress when the world doesn’t seem to go as they feel it should. It’s at this young age they need our love and support in order to grow with the ability to cope with stresses and face the world with confidence. An excellent take on the prompt.


  2. Aw poor kid! I remember stressing about things when I was little too. You’ve captured the mind of this little girl really well, poor thing. It’s sad how much stress little ones are under at such a young age – sometimes I think they should be allowed to be children for longer… Lovely take on the prompt.


    1. Oh yes, it was mandatory to take part in the IODE speeches – International Order of the Daughters of the Empire. It was one of the most stressful events on my school calendar!


    1. No, shouldn’t … but life is stress. Some is good. I know that as my days of schooling were nearing an end and I had thus far been successful the first time around I was DETERMINED that I would not have to repeat my final year.


  3. Ahhhh I can feel her butterflies and her worries, love your humour but also how you touch on the truth of how much stress our little ones have on their shoulders these days. Hope she sleeps well!


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