Badge of Honour

While on a visit to a National Trust property Julia saw certain trees marked with an orange spot to identify those that were to be felled in order to let the rest flourish. Her 100 word challenge to us this week is to let our imaginations wander about the significance or otherwise of an ORANGE SPOT or what it may represent!

Here’s my 100 words …

They weren’t silent; they moved gaily among us, with welcome distraction and I reached out in welcome.  I saw myself as they surely saw me – standing tall and straight, and flexing my long, lithe limbs, my crowning glory catching the sun and fluttering in the breeze.  Such a grand specimen, they will think.  They will wonder aloud about the things that I’ve seen, the storms I have weathered, the secrets I will never tell of their ancestors, and their ancestors’ ancestors. Here comes one … she honours me with the orange badge.  Yes! She sees me as I see myself.

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Stress and the 6 year-old

Mummy tucked me in, kissed my cheek and slipped from the room.  Light of the mid-June sun filtered through the drawn blind and my eyes lingered on the dancing shadows … but my thoughts returned, again, to school.  With most of the exams behind me I wondered if I Continue reading “Stress and the 6 year-old”

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#44

Julia over at Julia’s Place hosts the 100 Word Challenge.

In keeping with the upcoming Diamond Jubilee celebrations Julia’s instructions were to write a poem. (!) [exclamation point mine]  “It doesn’t have to rhyme or be specifically about the Monarch but it should capture the passing of sixty years. I will give you some poetic license with the number of words and say 100 words -ish!”

I haven’t joined in this before and I think I chose a hard one for a starter; I nearly gave it up as too difficult; I think I bent the rules in that it doesn’t portray the passing of 60 years very well … but it is 98 words. That’s pretty 100-ish!   So I decided to have fun with it and this is the result. Continue reading “100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#44”