WIN #11 Adolescence (13-19)

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Not So Sweet 16

My aunt was at the piano, old familiar songs flowed from her fingers, family young and old scattered around the room, voices young and old picking up the tunes.  There was a theme to her choices, each song having meaning for someone gathered there.  During a pause I asked what song she would play for me.  “That’s easy”, she said as her hands skimmed the keyboard and I recognized “Qué sera, sera, whatever will be, will be, the future’s not ours to see, qué sera, sera”.

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Free-Ranging in Buenos Aires

We had gone free-ranging yesterday, hitting the streets of Buenos Aires with no specific goals, to let the city unfold un-prompted.

We had ridden the subway …

… the cars like something off the Orient Express—wooden windows, wooden seats wooden doors … that didn’t necessarily close all the way or when they were supposed to, or even stay closed for that matter. But it was reasonably clean and efficient enough at moving people.  The fare was less than one peso, about 25¢ and, we later learned, can even be free if one arrives just as something liquid has spilled into the ticket machine rendering it temporarily out-of-order.

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Originally posted on Beyond the Brush Photography:
Bueonos Aires …  is said to have the highest concentration of theatres in the world. I found much of the architecture in Buenos Aires different from other cities I’ve visited.  It is an eclectic mix and adaptation of classic European styles designed by architects such as Mario Palanti, Virginio Colombo and Eduardo Rodriguez Ortega  who designed with their own… Continue reading

Impressions of Buenos Aires

Snow and ice and plummeting temperatures prevailed at home, but Argentinians were approaching their longest day of the year and at 6 p.m. on a December evening the sun was still high, the air was still warm, and the streets were bustling, noisy and at times congested, but also bright and green.

My first impression is of a relatively pretty city as cities go. Not particularly keen on cities, we prided ourselves on the fact that during our last excursions to Europe we had succeeded in avoiding all contact with large cities, except for the necessity of arrival and departure at a major airport.  Buenos Aires though presented an abundance of bloom  – purple blossoms hanging in great profusion from the many trees, yellow and rose-coloured blossoms, and gorgeous blue bulbs.
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WIN #10 – Special Moments in my Childhood

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My first gift

win badgeI carefully counted pennies from my piggy bank and proudly left with my father to go shopping.  We went to a small gift shop in Valois where I searched the aisles for what must have been at least an hour, up and down and back again – my young eyes lighting on every single item, my little hands reaching out to touch and handle everything that appealed to my eye, only to be carefully placed back on the shelf.  Dad was extremely patient and he stood by, uncomplaining about the length of my mission. Continue reading “My first gift”

Tales from South America

Off again.  This time to South America.

South America is not a place I ever thought I would visit, although I’m not sure why that was so. My images of the continent were derived from Romancing the Stone, and Indiana Jones movies and films from the 1940s of slow, lazy ceiling fans wafting the air in oppressive heat, and men in Panama hats; of people who escaped to the southern continent and purposely lost themselves in its out of the mainstream cities.  But the opportunity arose … Continue reading “Tales from South America”

Good Morning

Agimak lake 12 cropFor Sunday Post this week Jake has chosen Morning.  Jake has said morning encompasses that time when we perform the prerequisites and prepare for full productivity and life in public … breakfast, dressing, etc. but, while I love the morning … for its light and shadow, its freshness and promise, I have to confess Continue reading “Good Morning”

What women say

I was over at Julia’s place last week and her Friday smile prompted this post. Some of you have may already seen this as it has been around the internet circuit so many times that original authorship is, unfortunately, lost.

All of us, at one time or another, say things we don’t mean … and many of us mean things we don’t say …  and often times we resort to sarcasm, transforming ordinary words through intonation to mean something else entirely.  Perhaps I found this so humorous because I can hear myself in much of it …


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