100 Word Challenge Week #46

Julia’s 100 word challenge – the phrase for this week is:  “… in the dark recess of my mind …”  As usual we have 100 words to add to these 7 making 107 altogether.

Here’s my piece – The Trunk

I buried it in the trunk, the one I keep in the dark recess of my mind for just such an occasion.  The trunk, with metal clasps and leather straps, is sturdy and secure … but it wouldn’t hold this.  Space wasn’t a problem; after all, the trunk is as big as it needs to be.  No, I kept digging it out and looking at it.  I held it up close and peered into its depths, and I scrutinized it from afar, yet it still would not reveal its secrets.  I dissected it into fractured shards only to find I couldn’t reassemble it in any pleasing way. – 107 words

20 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week #46

  1. I really enjoyed this … the way we try to get our head around something but it can’t be understood from any angle we hold it from. Maybe it cant be boxed and wont be boxed as it needs to be seen – a mystery.


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