Appreciation and Inspiration

Various blogger awards are zipping about the blogosphere, but are there many of us, really, who don’t like the affirmation that someone is actually reading what we are so busy writing … and beyond that, seemingly ENJOYING it?!

My (tardy) thanks go to The Retiring Sort for the Kreative Blogger Award and her kind words, and to Ashley at Backyardprovence for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award – her posts on living in Provence fill me with longing to return.  These awards come with ‘rules’, which many are already aware of but they are to acknowledge the giver of the award, mention 7 random things about yourself, and pass the award on to other deserving bloggers.

I’ve already shared a couple of lists of things about myself but here are a couple more:
I hate Laundromats.  They are cold, dreary, often tatty, sometimes littered, impersonal places that people rich enough to own a washing machine don’t have to enter;  I won tickets to see the Rolling Stones in Montreal in 1965. Except I already had tickets so I sold them, but I didn’t scalp anybody; and I was on Parliament Hill the very first time our maple leaf flag was raised.

Here’s the best part – these are some blogs I am currently enjoying and I hope you take a moment to visit them –
Robin Coyle – she’s already received just about all the awards but I love her humour and helpful tips on writing
Julia, over at Julia’s Place – she’s the reason the 100 word challenge pops up in my blogs
Adrian Pym posts great photos and has inspired me to convert some of my photos to black and white for new effects. He also deserves recognition for launching the Legion of Door Whores blog for all of us door lovers.
Ailsa at where’s my  backpack is responsible for my Travel Theme posts, and
Jake over at Jakesprinter feeds us the weekly theme for my Sunday Post, so many of you already know his blog.

12 thoughts on “Appreciation and Inspiration

  1. Oooh, just saw this now, Lynne. Congratulations on the awards, and thank you so much for nominating Where’s my backpack? I’m not a fan of laundromats in general either, but there used to be this great one in Seattle, that had a bar and cafe attached to it, so you could throw your clothes in the wash and grab a coffee. The coffee was sooo good (it was Seattle, after all!) that I used to look forward to laundry day!


  2. Congrats on your awards. Is your award case about ready to collapse under the weight of them all? Thank you for the nomination. I am honored and flattered. Truly.


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