Photo Editing: Artistically speaking

I wanted to see if I could make this into an image with a more artistic feel to it;  to see what I could accomplish without using one of the one-click apps that convert photos to oils or watercolour.So I brought up the details and liked what was happening in the sky and the branches of the tree. I adjusted the colour in the sky I added … Continue reading Photo Editing: Artistically speaking

The Canadian Prairie

To Canadians, the Prairies means Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta – 138,997 sq miles … to give scale, England is 50,346 square miles.  The population of the three provinces is 5,886,906 … the population of England is 53,013,000.

Alberta prairie and big sky

Primary industries include agriculture (wheat, barley, oats) and cattle and sheep ranching – sheep ranching, that surprised me.  Canada is the world’s third largest exporter of wheat (behind the US and … France? ( – that’s a surprise too.  We export on average  20 million tonnes, or about 21% of the world market. (, primarily to China, Japan, Iran, South Korea and … US? (  Apparently they export more than we do and then import from us … go figure.

hay bales on Alberta prairie

The prairies are pretty flat … no trees, only the odd rock to break the never-ending flow of the landscape. Continue reading “The Canadian Prairie”