Many thanks and my appreciation to fellow bloggers who have extended recognition for my blogging efforts – such positive feedback always feels good followed by amazement that there are fellow bloggers out there who are enjoying what I post – I enjoy being a part of such a supportive virtual community and I’ve come to feel close affinity with many of my virtual friends.  Thank you

Arnel at All Things Boys
Shirley Sorbello
The Retiring Sort
Lila Terbescu
Ashley at Back Yard Provence
Madhu at The Urge to Wander
II 4S Aopmrdd at space for lasam
Dave and Aly at Algarve Blog
Kathrina at Musical Chairs
Amy at The World is a Book
Bella at Hoof Beats and Foot Prints
Samina at Samina’s Forum for Police Support
Peggy at

7 thoughts on “Appreciation

  1. Hey girl, I’ve just realised that you’ve already been nominated for the VBA. Well then, here’s mine in addition.


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