Cape Horn

At 55° S, at the southern end of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, on the north edge of the Drake Passage on the strait between South America and Antarctica … the Horn is perhaps the most dangerous ship passage in the world. A Word a Week: Remote Continue reading Cape Horn

Visual Quotations 51: Threshold

“Never have I found the limits of the photographic potential.  Every horizon, upon being reached, reveals another beckoning in the distance.  Always, I am on the threshold.” – W. Eugene Smith Weekly photo challenge is: Threshold Continue reading Visual Quotations 51: Threshold

Liquid mountains of the sky

An active sky can add movement and colour and drama to a photograph … and sometimes skies ARE the photograph, as the landscape pales in comparison to the dance of light and cloud that is happening above.   This one taken in Normandy added such beauty to our autoroute drive.Brittany clouds 24 SL

Driving the Cape Breton Trail in Nova Scotia we saw some beautiful turbulent skies, this one at 4 Mile Beach at Aspey Bay.

CB 051 4 Mile Beach, Aspy Bay SL 8x6jpgWhile my daughter and husband sat up front chattering I was busy in the back snapping shots through the window at 100 km/hr of some tremendous skies over Alberta. Continue reading “Liquid mountains of the sky”

Santiago, by design

None of us had expected the city that greeted us.  My own vision of Santiago had been of an industrial city, unkempt, tired and worn at the edges with obvious poverty, pollution and crime.   That was not what greeted us.

Santiago view from San Cristóbal Hill

We found a beautiful urban area of wide boulevards, modern architecture and tree-lined avenues – grand mature trees providing beauty and shade.  In the Providencia district where we stayed, every few blocks we encountered a park bench, always out of the sun, streets lined with beautiful gated homes, and broad sidewalks in good repair … Continue reading “Santiago, by design”

Travel Theme: Flow

… blue ice of the Italia Glacier as it flows into the Beagle Channel at the southern tip of South America …

blue ice of glacier in Beagle Channel South America… also the Beagle Channel, the melt flowing from the Romanche Glacier, forming a lace-like picture of a lady sitting on the rocks …
glacier melt in Beagle Channel South America… the ebb and flow of the tide at St Michael’s Mount in the English Channel … tide’s out …

Tide is out at St Michael's Mount Continue reading “Travel Theme: Flow”

Visual Quotations 5

“With faith the size of a mustard seed, you can indeed move a mountain, but you can hardly be expected to garnish your sandwich.” ― Jarod Kintz, Author

Apennines, mountains in Italy landscape

“Come Fairies, take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame!” – William Butler Yeats

Rocky Mountain landscape and sky
“Every time I have some moment on a seashore, or in the mountains, Continue reading “Visual Quotations 5”

It’s all there in Black and White

When reviewing my photos I’ve taken to converting them to black and white, often with pleasing results.  Even with landscapes where one is often captivated by the colours spread before our lens, conversion to black and white simplifies the composition  and sometimes reveals dynamics within the shot that went unnoticed in the riot of colour.  Instead of being bedazzled by the colours, the eye sees the values within the shot.  It’s the habit of many painters to view their paintings in black and white to determine balance within the painting, by judging the values. With abrupt or frequent value changes a b/w Continue reading “It’s all there in Black and White”

Burrow Shopping

For Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Couples I posted some photos of penguins.  These fellows are just so engaging I need to post some more.  We saw these Magellanic penguins at Otway Sound in southern Chile and, as I said, they build burrows in the sand – not the first material that comes to mind for penguin habitats.

Burrow Boulevard …

Mr. and Mrs. Pen Guin burrow shopping …(photos courtesy of my sister) Continue reading “Burrow Shopping”

The Cook’s Tour of Buenos Aires

We were coming to the end of our stay in Buenos Aires and didn’t want to later say, “We didn’t know THAT was there!”  or  “I didn’t know we were that close to THAT”  or  “I wish we had …”     … so we took a tour.    Through the streets of Buenos Aires … Additional photos can be seen at Beyond the Brush Photography Below are … Continue reading The Cook’s Tour of Buenos Aires