Photo Editing: Artistically speaking

I wanted to see if I could make this into an image with a more artistic feel to it;  to see what I could accomplish without using one of the one-click apps that convert photos to oils or watercolour.So I brought up the details and liked what was happening in the sky and the branches of the tree. I adjusted the colour in the sky I added … Continue reading Photo Editing: Artistically speaking

Black and White: Rural Churches of Eastern Ontario

St. Finnan’s Cathedral, Alexandria; built 1833

DSCN1439 St Finnan's Cathedral

St Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church, St. Andrew’s West; built 1801 – one of the first Roman Catholic churches built in Upper Canada (Ontario) and the oldest remaining stone structure in the province erected as a church. During the War of 1812 it was used as a hospital.

DSCN1477 St Andrews RC

St. Margaret’s of Scotland, Glen Nevis; church records start in 1882 Continue reading “Black and White: Rural Churches of Eastern Ontario”

I’m lovin’ this software

I’ve said before that I am a tweaker.   Some take pride, and rightly so, in getting the shot just the way they wanted it without tweaking.  I use a point and shoot; I don’t have all the adjustments, lenses, and filters and experience necessary to get the shot the way I might envision it.  So I tweak.

I think of every photo as a canvas on which to create the most interesting result I can. And I am testing out some new-to-me software on a 30-day free trial – Sagelight.  I ever so quickly checked out Lightroom and, like other Adobe Photoshop software,I ever so quickly found out it is beyond my understanding.  But I’m lovin’ this Sagelight.  So many things to try.  So many variations. So many combinations. And infinite possibilities.

From this original photo –
field and woods and skyI cropped and began to experiment – Continue reading “I’m lovin’ this software”

Quintessential image of Quiet, rural Quebec

Aaahhhh Boy in Blue on Bike Carousel de la Cité Carcassonne Dilapidated Door in Dinan Elephant on Elegant Egg First Frost in Flower garden Guard Gait in Gamla Stan Hero on High Horse Irish wolfhounds In St Ives Jaded Johnny Jump-up Knocking Knees with unKnowns Lamp Light and Lines & Last Leaves Lingering Marazion from St Micheal’s Mount Nothing Near Nomansland Ostentatiously Ornate Onion Domes … Continue reading Quintessential image of Quiet, rural Quebec