Ramsey Island

I don’t know what it is about rock but I love rock. I have a lot of rock in my garden, most of it hauled from the hedgerows around our property, with a few pieces tossed in from travels. I have Carrara marble in my garden … yes, I brought rocks home in my suitcase. 😉   Some are just centre pieces in various parts of the garden, a lot is in stone walls I built.  It’s probably a combination of the durability of stone, its immense age, the varying shapes, and, often, the colours.   When I visited Ramsey Island off the west coast of Wales I was  mesmerized by the varying rock that made up the cliffs.  I found it incredibly beautiful … I was so captivated I took over 100 pictures … here is a small sample.

Ramsey Island stone cliff

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Split Shift

My last post on Wales was On the Road to Abergwaun

We had given up on our idea of the train ride out of Aberystwyth to the Vale of Rheidol but there was another outing we were both interested in – a trip out to Ramsey Island.

Ramsey Island lies a mile off the Pembrokeshire coast – it’s only about 2 miles long, a nature reserve with some of the finest cliff scenery in Wales.  We had booked on the 10.30 tour from St-Justinian’s but found that due to insufficient people there would only be one sailing that day, at 1.15 p.m.—smack in the middle of the day.  So this was going to have to be a split shift—a poke-about, then Ramsey Island, followed by another poke-about.

So we took one of the roads out of St-David’s and headed to the hinterland of Pembrokeshire … within 5 kms we found ourselves in Whitchurch – in Welsh it is Tregroes, meaning “Settlement of the Cross” – in either language it is a mere blip on the map.

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Paintings that Rock

Usually we paint things that mean something to us – they are a memory, or a desire, a dream or a reality, a truth, sometimes a lie.  Oftentimes we may not know what it is that draws us to paint it, we just know it stirs something within us.  The more we feel for what we paint, surely the better the result will be.  Every time I put tool to surface it is inevitable Continue reading “Paintings that Rock”