Photo Editing Two Ways – Byward Market

Nancy Merrill’s A photo a week challenge: One photo, two treatments This the original image shot in Ottawa’s Byward Market I cropped to provide a focus for the image and enhanced detail And then for fun went high key Continue reading Photo Editing Two Ways – Byward Market

After Before at the Bus Stop

Stacy at Visual Venturing hosts After Before Friday.  This week Loré Dombaj at Snow’s Fissures and Fractures graciously agreed to stand in while Stacy takes a break. This is my original image.  I liked the shadows and lines but beyond that I found it uninteresting.  There is no point of interest. I decided to give the girl on the right a greater role. In cropping I … Continue reading After Before at the Bus Stop

Black and White: Composition

Cee’s black and white challenge is hands, feet or paws.  Thus challenged I decided to see what I could glean from my street photography files.  I wanted to see if I could produce an engaging image with feet as the focus; not just a photo of feet, but a photo that might give pause to the viewer – a composition challenge.  Not so easy, a … Continue reading Black and White: Composition

One Photo Focus – Two by Two

Stacy at Visual Venturing hosts One Photo Focus.  She provides the photo and we all edit it our own way. Then she does all the work of pulling it all together on her site.  (Thank you, Stacy)  It’s always interesting to see the varied interpretations. This is my rendition with the original photo below, submitted by Katie Prior of Drawing with Light. It is such a nice shot … Continue reading One Photo Focus – Two by Two

The Old Grist Mill

The Martintown Grist Mill in Glengarry, Ontario was built in 1846.  Built of local field stone and operated by water power, it sits on the bank of the Raisin River. It served the village and region as a custom flour milling operation for a 101 years, commercial use ending in 1947.  Typical orders were for a bushel at a time of wheat, corn, buckwheat, oats and … Continue reading The Old Grist Mill

ABFriday – Tunnel Vision

Stacy hosts the After/Before Friday on Visual Venturing – we take one of our own photos and show the original and our edit.  I took this photo in Montreal’s underground tunnels because I like this kind of perspective shot. Very ho hum. And here is an earlier version I had attempted, not sure what software I used (but not Sagelight) and this is apparently as much … Continue reading ABFriday – Tunnel Vision

Photo Editing: One Photo Focus June

Stacy hosts One Photo Focus at Visual Venturing.  We all work from the same photo and Stacy displays the myriad of approaches that result.  This is the image she provided –  Apparently it is the house used in Mork and Mindy, for those of us that remember the show where Robin Williams got his start.  I was stumped at first with what approach to take … Continue reading Photo Editing: One Photo Focus June

Photo Editing: Personal touch

I have been experimenting with artistic effects on my photographs.  I have used Fotosketcher in the past, often with enjoyable results, but now I want to make the images more my own and so have been exploring the tools of Sagelight, my preferred editing program.  I’ve done a comparison of the original photo with a Fotosketcher version and then my own version produced with Sagelight.  Having used … Continue reading Photo Editing: Personal touch