Near and Far

Ailsa’s travel theme:  Near   Please click on any image for a better view. A silk floss tree (I think) – Buenos Aires Tiled floor in the Vatican Museums Flora, Otway Sound, Chile Close up of I’m-not-sure-what in an archway in Munich Highland cattle in the Scottish Highlands   Continue reading Near and Far

Visual Quotation 32: Horizon

“I determined to gather together all things of beauty … that I could, and preserve them here, against the doom toward which the world is rushing.” “The first quarter-century of your life was doubtless lived under the cloud of being too young for things, while the last quarter-century would normally be shadowed by the still darker cloud of being too old for them; and between … Continue reading Visual Quotation 32: Horizon

Burrow Shopping

For Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Couples I posted some photos of penguins.  These fellows are just so engaging I need to post some more.  We saw these Magellanic penguins at Otway Sound in southern Chile and, as I said, they build burrows in the sand – not the first material that comes to mind for penguin habitats.

Burrow Boulevard …

Mr. and Mrs. Pen Guin burrow shopping …(photos courtesy of my sister) Continue reading “Burrow Shopping”