Please click on any image for a larger view. Belcoo, from Irish meaning “mouth of the narrow”, sits on a narrow neck of water running between Upper and Lower Lough MacNean.  It is right on the border between County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland and County Cavan in the Republic of Ireland.   With a population of about 500 souls this main street, the A4, forms … Continue reading Village/Belcoo

The Trees of Belcoo

There were several stately trees in the park in Belcoo, which is on the main road through this small village in Northern Ireland.  To do them justice I needed to show scale, as shown in the image above.   Click on any image for a larger view.     Continue reading The Trees of Belcoo

Door/11 – Portglenone

The Village Inn sits on the main road through Port Chluain Eoghain, or Portglenone in Northern Ireland.   Port Chluain Eoghain means “The Fort of Eoghan’s meadow” and it’s a small village of about 1100 souls.   Behind this door there was a couple of beers, a cider … and a coffee.  It was a drizzly, drippy socked-in kind of day when made our pub stop.  Except I … Continue reading Door/11 – Portglenone

Dark Hedges

More than two centuries ago the Stuart family planted an avenue of beech trees, as an approach to their mansion.  South of Ballintoy and Ballycastle, northeast of Ballymoney in the County Antrim  countryside, Bregagh Road is now a public avenue, lined with magnificent beech trees that are almost 250 years old, known as The Dark Hedges.  A spirit known as the Grey Lady is said to roam … Continue reading Dark Hedges


Following the Flight of the Earls  in 1607, the crown seized Irish land in Ulster and granted it out to English and Scottish Planters on condition that they build settlements and provide strongholds loyal to the king. Sir John Hume of  Berwickshire was granted 2000 acres at Tully.  It was here, in County Fermanagh on the southern shore of Lower Lough Erne that he built Caisleán … Continue reading Castle/Tully