Odd Couple/25 – Friends in Conversation

This is series on couples – street photography capturing two people –  which for lack of anything more imaginative I have named the Odd Couple series, when in fact they may, or may not be odd.  I’ll leave that to the viewer. For my solo series click here Please click on image for a larger view   Paula’s black and white Sunday: Surreptitious photography Continue reading Odd Couple/25 – Friends in Conversation

What are friends for?

I find street photography intriguing – where before I focused [pun intended 😉 ] on landscapes for my paintings, now I find I want to get into the cities to see what I can capture in urban light and shadow, dirt and grime, architecture, traffic and people.  This post focuses [ 🙂 ] on people (mostly), companionable people … except for the last photo they are all strangers to me.  Humans and animals alike seem to seek out companionship … Continue reading “What are friends for?”

The Anchor and the Kite

July 30 is International Friendship Day.

While I was growing up I always had a close friend – someone to walk to school with, hang out with, laugh with, do silly things with, and sometimes cry with. Some of these friendships just provide me with memories now. Some have come loosely back together and reconnected with the advent of the internet and Facebook.

There are friends that I meet with over lunch every other Continue reading “The Anchor and the Kite”