Nothing Near Nomansland

A grand relative of my husband used to own this pub. Aaahhhh Boy in Blue on Bike Carousel de la Cité Carcassonne Dilapidated Door in Dinan Elephant on Elegant Egg First Frost in Flower garden Guard Gait in Gamla Stan Hero on High Horse Irish wolfhounds In St Ives Jaded Johnny Jump-up Knocking Knees with unKnowns Lamp Light and Lines & Last Leaves Lingering Marazion … Continue reading Nothing Near Nomansland

Marazion from St Micheal’s Mount

St Micheal’s Mount is the Cornish counterpart of Mont St Michel in Normandy.  Largely owned  by the National Trust since 1954, the St Aubyn family retained a 999 year lease to inhabit the castle. Aaahhhh Boy in Blue on Bike Carousel de la Cité Carcassonne Dilapidated Door in Dinan Elephant on Elegant Egg First Frost in Flower garden Guard Gait in Gamla Stan Hero on … Continue reading Marazion from St Micheal’s Mount

Travel Theme: Flow

… blue ice of the Italia Glacier as it flows into the Beagle Channel at the southern tip of South America …

blue ice of glacier in Beagle Channel South America… also the Beagle Channel, the melt flowing from the Romanche Glacier, forming a lace-like picture of a lady sitting on the rocks …
glacier melt in Beagle Channel South America… the ebb and flow of the tide at St Michael’s Mount in the English Channel … tide’s out …

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Connected through Time

astronomical clock Exeter Cathedral England
Photo by my husband

The astronomical clock in the Cathedral Church of St Peter  in Exeter, England dates from 1484.  In 1841 my great great-grandfather Richard Ingram Pentecost  was a student at the Training School in the Precinct of the Close of St-Peter’s Cathedral in Exeter City, England, and so would have gazed upon this same clock.

Wikipedia informs  that the fleur-de-lys ‘hand’ indicates the time (and the position of the sun in the sky); the silver ball and inner dial shows both the age of the moon and its phase; the upper dial, added in 1760, shows the minutes.  There is a door below the clock with a round hole near its base. This was apparently cut in the early 17th century to allow entry for the Bishop’s cat to deter vermin that were attracted to the animal fat used to lubricate the clock mechanism.

The headstone with the cross marks the grave of my 3x great grandparents, Richard and Anne Pentecost.

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Down by the Bay …

I have a great affinity for water – I could sit by it, gaze into its depths, breathe in its scent be it marshland or the salty tang of the sea, dabble my toes in it, swim in it, float on it, and listen to its gurgle and cadence,  whiling away very pleasant hours.

Newgale Beach on St-Bride’s Bay, Pembrokeshire in Wales …

Newgale Beach Pembrokeshire Wales

Whitesands Bay, also Pembrokeshire …
coast of Wales Whitesands PembrokeshireAnd this is a collection of views of Carbis Bay at St-Ives, Cornwall in England …

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“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” Isaac Newton

Bridge over the Grand CanalWe passed under this bridge just around dawn on the Grand Canal in Venice.   If anyone knows the name of it I’d be most interested.

Bridge over Serchio River at Borgo a Mozzano in TuscanyThis bridge, built in the 13th C, spans the River Serchio in Tuscany at Borgo a Mozzano. It’s real name is the Ponte della Maddelena but it’s also known as the Ponte del Diavolo, one of several in Europe, all with a similar story … Continue reading ““We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” Isaac Newton”

Driving the back roads

We enjoy renting a car when travelling – it offers such freedom to come and go as we please, to take the roads less travelled, to follow the scent of the sea or the lights to the next village.  My brother-in-law drove during our stay in Devon and Cornwall in England, and I took to the wheel in Wales.  The narrow and winding roads and … Continue reading Driving the back roads

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#44

Julia over at Julia’s Place hosts the 100 Word Challenge.

In keeping with the upcoming Diamond Jubilee celebrations Julia’s instructions were to write a poem. (!) [exclamation point mine]  “It doesn’t have to rhyme or be specifically about the Monarch but it should capture the passing of sixty years. I will give you some poetic license with the number of words and say 100 words -ish!”

I haven’t joined in this before and I think I chose a hard one for a starter; I nearly gave it up as too difficult; I think I bent the rules in that it doesn’t portray the passing of 60 years very well … but it is 98 words. That’s pretty 100-ish!   So I decided to have fun with it and this is the result. Continue reading “100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#44”