All the colours of the rainbow

The weekly photo challenge is All the colours of the rainbow.  This street shot taken in Ottawa seems to have them all – red, orange, yellow, blue, green, indigo (thanks to the lady’s fashion choice that day)  🙂 and violet.  Continue reading All the colours of the rainbow

I’m a Tweaker

I tweak my photographs.  It’s true.  Not everyone likes to tweak, but I’m a tweaker. As a result not all of my photos are accurate recordings of the scene, but they are reflections of my taste and vision.   I like to see what my photo can do  – Does it benefit from cropping?  Is there more than one good shot within the photo?  What if I slightly blur the background, or change the level of contrast?  My computer is filling up with many different versions of many different photos.  Whole days can be lost to this messing about 🙂

My personal preference is not to push the colours or contrast too far – unless I’m working with the photo as an art piece.  I really pushed the colour on this one and although unnatural, in this case I liked the effect …
River stream through pastures eastern Ontario

But some very ho-hum shots shine with the smallest of tweaks.

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Primary Colours

This week’s Friday photo challenge is Merge.  Usually I post right away but this one gave me some trouble. I enjoy the challenge  of digging through my archives looking for a suitable interpretation of the single word offered each week. But this week, nothing was eMERGEing.  I’ve gotten pretty familiar, intimate even, with my photos since I started blogging, always searching for the right shot.  And this week …nope, nada, nil, nothing, rien,  zero, zilch.  Then, finally, a modicum of inspiration … I paint, I use colour … Continue reading “Primary Colours”