St. Raphael’s Ruins

Paula’s Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past This is not the very distant past, but apart from the history of our First Nations people, the history of the settlement of Canada isn’t very distant, and when compared to European history,we just have baby history.  🙂 This is St. Raphael’s Church, and around here that’s pronounced St. Raffles. Building commenced in 1821 making it one of the … Continue reading St. Raphael’s Ruins

ABFriday: Venice

Chiesa di San Salvatore in Venice Stacy sponsors ABFriday at Visual Venturing My original photo (below) was underexposed and overrun with tourists but the door to this church was magnificent.  I wanted to highlight it and play down the unavoidable people.  I cropped it, despite that wonderful lighting at the top of the door and then used paint to eliminate some of people.  I adjusted … Continue reading ABFriday: Venice

Photo Editing: night and day

In keeping with the season … In Sagelight I inverted the original  and then using the undo brush I undid the inverted effect on the church spire, except for the windows, which I left inverted so that they look like they are lit.  I worked up the sky texture using effects in Sagelight.  The flare was added using Photoscape.   Original is below.  Continue reading Photo Editing: night and day

Black and white: Clock Towers

St. Jacob’s Tower in Lubeck,Germany, taken on the Breite Strasse   This Gothic brick church dating to 1334 is known as the church of seafarers.  Undamaged in WWII,  It houses one of the best preserved examples of North German organs from the 16th century.

Breite Strasse street photography in Lubeck

Cenotaph and clock tower in the  middle of Queen Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario – built in 1922 as a memorial to the town’s residents who died during WW I.

Niagara on the Lake

High Street, Pembroke, Wales  – this clock tower  Continue reading “Black and white: Clock Towers”

Black and White: Rural Churches of Eastern Ontario

St. Finnan’s Cathedral, Alexandria; built 1833

DSCN1439 St Finnan's Cathedral

St Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church, St. Andrew’s West; built 1801 – one of the first Roman Catholic churches built in Upper Canada (Ontario) and the oldest remaining stone structure in the province erected as a church. During the War of 1812 it was used as a hospital.

DSCN1477 St Andrews RC

St. Margaret’s of Scotland, Glen Nevis; church records start in 1882 Continue reading “Black and White: Rural Churches of Eastern Ontario”

Ostentatiously Ornate Onion domes

The ornate exterior of The Church on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg, Russia Built in the late 19th C; ransacked and looted in the aftermath of the Revolution; closed for services when the Bolsheviks went on an offensive in the 1930’s; turned into a temporary morgue during World War II; used as a warehouse for vegetables through the Cold War; finally re-opened in 1997. The … Continue reading Ostentatiously Ornate Onion domes