In the beginning

My artistic interpretations of “in the beginning” with the added dimension of what the photo looked like ‘in the beginning’ …. The beginning of the universe A world without substance The big bang The heavens and the earth …The weekly photo challenge is: Beginning Continue reading In the beginning

Stream in a Thicket

Here in North America we have sweltered under a huge heat dome for days now – my thermometer has shown 40C  (104F) daily, and with high humidity it feels as if I will dissolve into one large puddle.  The Weekly Photo Challenge of Fresh is timely.  I have no lake at my doorstep, no pool in the backyard, air conditioning only in the bedroom … there are so many fans blowing inside it’s a wonder the house doesn’t rotate upwards off its foundations.  A stream to dabble my toes in at least would make me feel fresher …

gurgling stream over rocksAnd this is a watercolour and ink I did from this photo …
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4th Sandworld of Warnemunde 2013

Four hundred tons of sand, and some water …

DSCN2809 sand sculptureWarnemunde, on the Baltic coast of northern Germany, hosts an annual sand sculpture exhibition.  These are not produced on the beach but up by the pier, under awnings, and there’s no admission fee.  It was May Day when we were there and the pier and promenade by the water were crowded not just with tourists but many Germans as well out with families and dogs, strolling, peeking in at all the vendors, enjoying the holiday and the beautiful weather.

The detail they are able to achieve with no other additive except water is remarkable … Continue reading “4th Sandworld of Warnemunde 2013”

Primary Colours

This week’s Friday photo challenge is Merge.  Usually I post right away but this one gave me some trouble. I enjoy the challenge  of digging through my archives looking for a suitable interpretation of the single word offered each week. But this week, nothing was eMERGEing.  I’ve gotten pretty familiar, intimate even, with my photos since I started blogging, always searching for the right shot.  And this week …nope, nada, nil, nothing, rien,  zero, zilch.  Then, finally, a modicum of inspiration … I paint, I use colour … Continue reading “Primary Colours”

When the sun sets

When the sun begins to slip towards the horizon, as the slanting rays begin to light the clouds and throw the skyline into silhouette, the breeze dies and the air stills, the birds’ chatter softens and dies, and the cameras come out. I have posted a lot of travel shots but it’s time for something home-grown – these are some of the sunsets I have enjoyed right here at home Continue reading “When the sun sets”

Akin to Sellling my Children

I took part in a local art show recently – an annual show put on by the local Pioneer Museum with a percentage of sales going to support their activities.  These are the ones I had showing –

Sanctuary 3, Mont St-Michel, pen and watercolour in the pointillist style.  I found this ‘dotty’ piece very relaxing to do and am trying to find another photo that inspires me to use the same technique.

Alberta Coulee, watercolour and pen – one of the attendees sought me out to tell me how much she liked this one and asked if I would give her lessons.  Teaching isn’t really what I Continue reading “Akin to Sellling my Children”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

I am an artist, who has been at her blog post more often that her art studio lately, but, nonetheless an artist.   Yet when I saw this week’s challenge,”create” my first thought was, “ohhh, I don’t know if I can come up with something for that”.  I didn’t see “create”.  I saw Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create”