Primary Colours

This week’s Friday photo challenge is Merge.  Usually I post right away but this one gave me some trouble. I enjoy the challenge  of digging through my archives looking for a suitable interpretation of the single word offered each week. But this week, nothing was eMERGEing.  I’ve gotten pretty familiar, intimate even, with my photos since I started blogging, always searching for the right shot.  And this week …nope, nada, nil, nothing, rien,  zero, zilch.  Then, finally, a modicum of inspiration … I paint, I use colour … Continue reading “Primary Colours”


Black and White, Shape and Line

Admittedly this photo was taken in colour but it’s conversion to black and white made it all about the shapes and lines, which is what I liked about the shot.   It was taken in  Continue reading “Black and White, Shape and Line”

Akin to Sellling my Children

I took part in a local art show recently – an annual show put on by the local Pioneer Museum with a percentage of sales going to support their activities.  These are the ones I had showing –

Sanctuary 3, Mont St-Michel, pen and watercolour in the pointillist style.  I found this ‘dotty’ piece very relaxing to do and am trying to find another photo that inspires me to use the same technique.

Alberta Coulee, watercolour and pen – one of the attendees sought me out to tell me how much she liked this one and asked if I would give her lessons.  Teaching isn’t really what I Continue reading “Akin to Sellling my Children”

French Villages

My previous post in this series was Cathar Strongholds.

There are four more villages in this Languedoc-Roussillon region of France that we particularly enjoyed.

Collioure, with its castle, mediaeval streets, and beautiful setting on the Mediterranean, has attracted artists and poets – in the early 1900’s it was a centre for fauvism and such artists as Picasso and Matisse.
The Château Royal de Collioure has a mixed history as a castle, fortress and more recently, a prison during WWII – photo credit to my brother-in-law.

             Next is Continue reading “French Villages”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

I am an artist, who has been at her blog post more often that her art studio lately, but, nonetheless an artist.   Yet when I saw this week’s challenge,”create” my first thought was, “ohhh, I don’t know if I can come up with something for that”.  I didn’t see “create”.  I saw Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create”

Pastel Piece

I haven’t been in my studio for a while because I have been spending my days at my computer … not just blogging, but writing as well.  I am putting together a collection of essays for my children, bits and pieces of all of us that they can stick on the bookshelf until someone expresses an interest.  But I shall return to the studio soon; my fingers are itching to pick up a pastel and see what comes of it.

This is a work in progress of the last piece I worked on.  I am still new to pastels but I am thoroughly enjoying them.  I feel I have more control, and the act of painting is much more direct than painting watercolours with my brush.

I really admire the work of Richard McKinley and on this piece I tried his method of doing a watercolour underpainting.  Most of what you see here Continue reading “Pastel Piece”

Thursday, Friday … Castleday

My previous post on Wales was Split Shift.

Saturday, our eighth day, was also to be our last day of touring about Pembrokeshire.  When Deb came down in the morning the kitchen radio was on, just came on by itself.  I looked at it to turn if off and there was a push button on-off.  I pressed it and it came on louder.  Pressed it again, it went fainter, but not off.  Strange.   Course I’m the lady that automatic doors don’t work for.  Strange too is that I don’t even remember any of this, yet it was noted in my journal … in my handwriting … I’m really not good in the mornings.

The Plan for our last day was Continue reading “Thursday, Friday … Castleday”

Split Shift

My last post on Wales was On the Road to Abergwaun

We had given up on our idea of the train ride out of Aberystwyth to the Vale of Rheidol but there was another outing we were both interested in – a trip out to Ramsey Island.

Ramsey Island lies a mile off the Pembrokeshire coast – it’s only about 2 miles long, a nature reserve with some of the finest cliff scenery in Wales.  We had booked on the 10.30 tour from St-Justinian’s but found that due to insufficient people there would only be one sailing that day, at 1.15 p.m.—smack in the middle of the day.  So this was going to have to be a split shift—a poke-about, then Ramsey Island, followed by another poke-about.

So we took one of the roads out of St-David’s and headed to the hinterland of Pembrokeshire … within 5 kms we found ourselves in Whitchurch – in Welsh it is Tregroes, meaning “Settlement of the Cross” – in either language it is a mere blip on the map.

But we were actually in search of Continue reading “Split Shift”

Paintings that Rock

Usually we paint things that mean something to us – they are a memory, or a desire, a dream or a reality, a truth, sometimes a lie.  Oftentimes we may not know what it is that draws us to paint it, we just know it stirs something within us.  The more we feel for what we paint, surely the better the result will be.  Every time I put tool to surface it is inevitable Continue reading “Paintings that Rock”

Pointillism – Going Dotty

Sanctuary 2 The Cloisters 11×17″ I did this painting with pen using the pointillist technique because I felt the result portrays the texture of the pillars so well.  I used watercolour pencils in the ceiling and sparingly elsewhere.  I completed this in several sessions over a period of a couple of weeks.  Though it may look tedious I rather enjoyed the process.  It is done from my photograph taken … Continue reading Pointillism – Going Dotty

Workshop Phobia

A friend and I started painting in watercolours at the same time, about 10 years ago.  Since then Sonja has taken more art workshops than I can count, with some reasonably well-known names in the medium – Nita Engle, Karlyn Holman, Gordon MacKenzie – and I have never gone to a single one.  I have a workshop phobia.  The thought of attending a workshop does not conjure up a relaxed artistic atmosphere for me; the whole idea of it Continue reading “Workshop Phobia”