Black and White: Composition

Cee’s black and white challenge is hands, feet or paws.  Thus challenged I decided to see what I could glean from my street photography files.  I wanted to see if I could produce an engaging image with feet as the focus; not just a photo of feet, but a photo that might give pause to the viewer – a composition challenge.  Not so easy, a … Continue reading Black and White: Composition

The Old Grist Mill

The Martintown Grist Mill in Glengarry, Ontario was built in 1846.  Built of local field stone and operated by water power, it sits on the bank of the Raisin River. It served the village and region as a custom flour milling operation for a 101 years, commercial use ending in 1947.  Typical orders were for a bushel at a time of wheat, corn, buckwheat, oats and … Continue reading The Old Grist Mill

Round Houses of Veryan

Veryan is a village on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall, England. There one will find five Round Houses built in the early 19th century, with thatched roofs and a cross on top. A pair stands at either end of the village and one is in the village itself. It is said they were built round so that there was no corner in which the Devil could hide and that the … Continue reading Round Houses of Veryan

Black and White: Form and Contrast

Rainy day so I played.  Today I concentrated on composition over clarity, looking for pleasing shapes and contrasts and lines; looking at the images as art work rather than a record of a moment in time.   I made use of the median filter to remove detail from some areas in order to highlight other areas.  These are what I came up with.   The … Continue reading Black and White: Form and Contrast

Photo Editing: night and day

In keeping with the season … In Sagelight I inverted the original  and then using the undo brush I undid the inverted effect on the church spire, except for the windows, which I left inverted so that they look like they are lit.  I worked up the sky texture using effects in Sagelight.  The flare was added using Photoscape.   Original is below.  Continue reading Photo Editing: night and day