Church/In Old Town Square

Going by google there seems to be two St. Nicholas’ Churches in Prague.  One in the Old Town Square, and one in Lesser Town Square.  This one is in the Old Town Square.  In Czech it is Chrám svatého Mikuláše, as opposed to Kostel svatého Mikuláše in Lesser Town.  Please click on any image for a better view.

DSCN3463 St Nicholas Prague sl 8x6 copyright

The following information is taken from which I’m assuming has correct information for the church in question.   If anyone is aware of errors, I’m open to corrections.

This Baroque church was designed by Kilián Ignaz Dientzenhofer and built between 1732 – 1737. The side facing Pařížská Street has been rebuilt during more recent times. The interior is dominated by a crystal crown chandelier from the Harrachov glassworks donated by Russian Tsar Nicholas II to the Orthodox Church, which had been using the church since 1871.

DSCN3462 St Nicholas Prague sl 8x6 copyright

The existence of a church on this site is first mentioned in a Břevnov Monastery deed in 1273.  French incendiaries set fire to the Old Town in 1689 and the resulting inferno completely destroyed the original St Nicholas. As a result, the decision was made to tear down that church and erect a new one in its place.  It is considered to be one of Dienzenhofer’s masterpieces.

DSCN3458 St Nicholas Prague sl 8x6 copyright

The stucco work was executed by Bernardo Spinetti and his journeymen, the frescoes were painted by Bavarian painter Cosmas Damian Asam, and the sculptures are the work of Antonín Braun.

DSCN3460 St Nicholas Prague sl 8x6 copyright

It was here where Dr. Karel Farský announced the establishment of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church in 1920, which this church remains today.

DSCN3455 St Nicholas Prague sl 8x6 copyright

 The church underwent a costly renovation from 1967 – 1977.

DSCN3457 St Nicholas Prague sl 8x6 copyright

DSCN3468 St Nicholas Prague sl crop 8x6 copyright

Concert series are hosted in the church throughout the season.




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