Walking the Walk

When I travel I like to get my feet on the ground and walk.  I pick up so much more walking than driving – to go with the sights come the sounds and the smells and the hum of the atmosphere.  Taking local transport is also a favourite, but Ailsa’s travel theme is Walking so I’ll go with that.    Please click on any image for a better view.

Strolling Rue de Clichy in Montmartre on an April eveningdscn1886-blvd-de-clichy-crop-edit-8x6-copyright

Exploring the village of Ebeltoft in Denmark ebeltoft-31-sl-8x6-copyright

My annual visit to Ottawa’s Byward Marketdscn7113-sl-8x6-copyright

A cold winter’s night in the small town of Alexandria in eastern Ontario dscn6720-sl-8x6-copyright

Heading home from school in Tallinn in Estoniadscn3220-muurivahe-sweater-wall-tallinn-sl-8x6-copyright



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