Emergence – the process of coming into being.  When I awoke on December 1 it was as if I had opened the wrong door.  The door to December 2015 instead of December 2016.  It opened to a space filled with all the anguish, fear, love, and poignancy of twelve months ago. A month that drew on a deep well of reserves that I didn’t know I had.   With this year almost past and closing in on the anniversary of my husband’s passing, my hope to is re-emerge, embracing the past and looking to the future.

Combining my current state of grief with my pastimes of art and gardening has produced this series.  Please click on the image for a better view.dscn2076-sl-8x6-copyright

Weekly photo challenge: new horizon

17 thoughts on “Emergence

    1. Thank you, Jane. I have found that expressing it, through photography and words, does help. It gives grief a name and a face. Gives it form and space and that, somehow, makes it become more manageable. At least for me.

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  1. Lynne, I’m sorry about your husband and what must be a painful time for you. I think that flower conveys so much about what you’re going through. May God strengthen you during this difficult time, comfort you, and help you in your new direction and growth into the future.



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