In the Dark

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Montmartre at duskdscn1874-blvd-de-clichy-sl-8x6-copyright

The blue hour settling on the Ballyhoura Mountains in Irelanddscn9666-ballyhoura-mountain-cottages-sl-8x6-copyright-copy

As the sun goes down in Thornhill, Scotlanddscn8784-thornhill-cottage-sl-8x6-copyright

The lights come on in St. David’s, Walesst-davids-evening-2-sl-8x6-copyright

Shop window in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontarionotl-market-square-38-sl-8x6-copyright

Railway crossing on a rainy night in Lancaster, Ontariodscn5157-lancaster-crossing-sl-8x6-copyright

St. Isaac’s Cathedral lights up in St. Petersburg, Russiadscn3817-st-isaacs-cathedral-sl-8x6-copyright

Ailsa’s travel theme: Ā Dark

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