Door/18 – Polperro

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Taken in Polperro, in Cornwall, England –  a popular destination because of its tightly-packed and old fisherman’s houses which survive almost untouched, its quaint harbour and attractive coastline.


As early as the 13th century Polperro was a recognised fishing settlement and its first known record is in a Royal document of 1303.



polperro-the-cuddy-lansallos-street-sl-8x6We visited a few yeas ago and stopped in at the Naughts and Crosses for a pint and some cider.



Norm’s Thursday Doors


7 thoughts on “Door/18 – Polperro

    1. Hi, Charlie. My husband’s grandparents lived in that area in Cornwall, England and I had wanted to see what was part of his boyhood, visiting them. We spent a lovely two weeks in the area, lots of fishing villages, foot paths along the sea, and history galore.


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