Museum of History

The Canadian Museum of History, formerly the Canadian Museum of Civilization, is in Gatineau, Quebec, across the Ottawa River from Parliament Hill.  We visited last spring, only taking in a couple of the exhibits.  Please click on images for a better view.

From the Horse Power Exhibition, this Cabriolet Sleigh represented Canada at the first world’s fair at London’s Crystal Palace Exibition in 1851.  It was designed to allow the groom to stand in the back to ensure safety of the team when the sleigh was at a standstill – during a picnic for instance. on the winter ice.

Museum of History IMG_1665 sl 8x6

The next one is a Caleche Sleigh.  Owned by the prominent Sifton family of Toronto, it was loaned to four of Canada’s Governor Generals, from the 1880’s through to 1922. It could seat the Governor General and his wife and six other passengers, including the driver and the groom.  It required a four-horse team and members of Society used them on city outings to be seen and admired.

Museum of History IMG_1668 sl 8x6

Next, a Cabriolet Sleigh, a four-passenger model.

Museum of History IMG_1671 sl 8x6

The next shot I took simply because I liked the light.

Museum of History IMG_1670 sl 8x6

A shot of the Grand Hall by the First People’s of Canada permanent exhibition.

Museum of History IMG_1649 sl 8x6

And two images of the beautiful ceiling located at the end of the Grand Hall.  The painting, Morning Star by Alex Janvier and his son, Dean, took four months to complete in 1993.

Museum of History IMG_1656 sl 8x6

Museum of History IMG_1636 sl 8x6

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5 thoughts on “Museum of History

  1. The idea of riding down a snow-covered road in a sleigh is so appealing, but I think it would be something I wouldn’t want to do for very long. I do like the heater in my car when it’s cold, and the air conditioner when it’s hot. The ceiling is gorgeous!


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