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In the Scottish countryside north of Thornhill in Dumfries and Galloway one finds Drumlanrig Castle, the jewel of the 90,000 acre Queensberry Estate of the Buccleuch family who trace their family history back to 12th century Scotland.


DSCN9213 Drumlanrig Castle sl 8x6

07.52 Drumlanrig Castle, Scotland IMG_0936 sl 8x6

DSCN9214 Drumlanrig Castle sl 8x6

Sir James Douglas of Drumlanrig, King Robert the Bruce’s right hand man, was the founder of what later became the Queensberry Estate.  The present Castle was built of local sandstone during the last quarter of the 17th century on the site of an old Douglas stronghold.

DSCN9215 Drumlanrig Castle sl bw 8x6

The castle surrounds a courtyard with circular staircase towers in each corner.

DSCN9231 Drumlanrig Castle sl 8x6

The castle is considered to be one of the most important Renaissance buildings in the country. The interior is said to be magnificent with various collections of silver, French furniture and art, but sadly, it had just closed for the season when we were there.  We only got to wander the grounds.

These are some of the images my husband captured.

On the grounds is a sycamore tree.  The little black dot in the lower left sweet spot is me standing just over the brow of the hill, at the base of this tree.08.02 Drumlanrig Castle, Scotland IMG_0938 sl 8x6

It shows signs of its age.  It is thought to be 300 years old and the largest sycamore tree in Britain.DSCN9210 Drumlanrig Castle sl 8x6




7 thoughts on “Castle/Drumlanrig

  1. What a handsome building, so grand. I love the circular steps to the house, imagine arriving for a ball and having to negotiate then in your elegant gown! I hope the big old sycamore has a few more generations left. Lovely memories Lynne.

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    1. Just imagine what that sycamore tree has been privy too. As to the staircase, never mind the ascent in the ball gown, what about the descent to the waiting horse and buggy after a few drinks. 🙂


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