Ninety Years Ago (almost)

I’ve been going through things lately and came across a book of old photographs – Petit Édifices – Deuxième Série – Normandie by Augustin Bernard;  copyright by Auguste Vincent et Cie, Paris 1927.  This is a sample – please click on any image for a larger view.

Plate 2 – Logis du Grand Turc, Rue Sanit-Romain, RouenDSCN2096 sl 8x6

Plate 4 – Maison, Rue Des Arpents, RouenDSCN2097 sl 8x6

Plate 9 – Logis des Caradas, RouenDSCN2099 sl 8x6

Plate 17 – Vue prise Rue aux Fevres, vers La Place Victor-Hugo, LisieuxDSCN2100 sl 8x6

Plate 24 – Maisons, Rue au Char, LisieuxDSCN2101 sl 8x6

Plate 42 – Maison des Quatrans, CaenDSCN2102 sl 8x6

Plate 43 – Maison, Rue Saint-Jean, CaenDSCN2103 sl 8x6

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: All about Cities

3 thoughts on “Ninety Years Ago (almost)

    1. Well, these were taken before WWII so that’s a good question,
      Gilly, as to how much has survived. But I know that St Malo for instance did a remarkable job of restoration.after devastating damage. I once saw some remarkable images on a Russian blog of composite photos where one half was the old photo and the other half current day. Very effective.


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