Statues and Sculptures/6

Sculpture of Saint Fanahan carved by Cliondna Cussen in 1981. Please click on any image for a larger view.

DSCN9680 Mitchelstown Cork sl2 8x6

The statue of this 7th century monk sits on the sidewalk amid the urbanized landscape of 21st century Mitchelstown, County Cork in Ireland. There is also St. Fanahan’s Holy Well located at the end of a 700 metre foot path lined with beech trees, and he founded a monastery in nearby BrigownDSCN9680 Mitchelstown Cork sl 8x6 crop

Saint Fanahan, meaning “white hound”, was a warrior monk, which seems to me to be an oxymoron.  He led armies into battle against foreign invaders and his staff was both his symbol of spiritual authority and his weapon of war.

Oxymoron or not, he was credited with the piety of biblical proportions and his reputation as a warrior monk was widely regarded.DSCN9679 Mitchelstown Cork sl 8x6





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