Morning Walk

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I realize that one person’s ‘early’ is another’s ‘the-day-is-half-over’  but this is about as early as I get.  While staying near Thornhill, south of Glasgow, in our converted stable –DSCN8884 Thornhill cottage sl 8x6

I got up early enough to see the morning mist –

DSCN8822 Thornhill cottage sl 8x6

and walked around the corner to the bridge over the River Nith –

DSCN8889 Nith Walk sl 8x6

and enjoyed the view over the countryside –

River Nith at Thornhill

And then took the river path where I met another walker –

DSCN8896 Nith Walk sl 8x6

I was early enough to still catch the dew on the thistles –

DSCN8894 Nith Walk sl 8x6

Morning Dew

Ailsa’s travel theme: early

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