A storm of snow, rain and sleet blew through our area on Monday.  On Tuesday I stepped out to a beautiful winter wonderland dripping with ice and glitter.  Felt like I was in Disneyland.  I took a few photos … 104 actually, but that’s because I was shooting blind.  It was so bright I couldn’t see what was in my screen so I just took multiples.   I discovered that even the lowly and hugely annoying hitchhiker burrs can be beautiful, each encased in ice and strung like beads on a necklace.

Please click on the images for a larger view.

DSCN1906 sl 8x6

DSCN1904 sl 8x6

DSCN1913 sl 8x6

10 thoughts on “Transformed

  1. Only 104? And how many did you process or will you use? I would love to experience an ice storm again. It was always so beautiful. Always? I think there was only one when I lived in New York. Great images. That burr can hitch a ride with me anytime it dresses like this!

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  2. It is beautiful – of which I keep reminding myself on this day when I got up to find snow and see that it is falling again as I look out my window. It is beautiful – but – I’m ready for spring.

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