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Belcoo, from Irish meaning “mouth of the narrow”, sits on a narrow neck of water running between Upper and Lower Lough MacNean.  It is right on the border between County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland and County Cavan in the Republic of Ireland.

DSCN9276 Belcoo sl 8x6


DSCN9274 Belcoo sl 8x6

With a population of about 500 souls this main street, the A4, forms the heart of the village with all ammenities within easy reach of our apartment above the Pharmacy … the Spar convenience store was two doors along, The Customs House provided a fine dinner, the park with the beautiful old trees was right across the street.

This statue stands in the park, near the Lough – created from steel and oak by sculptor Ned Jackson Smyth in 2000, it is entitled Homage to the Lough.

DSCN9272 Belcoo Homage to the Lough sl 8x6

. . . and better yet, the pub was 20 paces from our door.

DSCN9264 Jack's Bar sl 8x6

DSCN9573 jack's Bar sl 8x6

Within easy drive of Belcoo there are vantage points for beautiful landscapes.  in 1638 my 8x Great Grandfather, Charles Cormac Annis, was born in Enniskillen, just 12 miles down the road from Belcoo.  Made me wonder what the landscape looked like back then.  This view taken in 2015 from Marlbank Viewpoint shows Lower Lough MacNean.

DSCN9480 Lough MacNean Lower from Marlbank Viewpoint sl 8x6

This sign board orients you to the lay of the land.

DSCN9478 Marlbank Viewpoint sl 8x6

This one is from the Cuilcagh Mountain Viewpoint

DSCN9281 Cuilcagh Mountain viewpoint sl 8x6

. . . and this is from the bridge at the edge of town with Black Lion and the Republic to the right and Belcoo in the North to the left.

DSCN9269 Belcoo Lough MacNean Lower sl 8x6

Belcoo didn’t escape tragedy during The Troubles.  Eight locals died from land mines and sniper attacks, mostly men in their 20’s, during the period 1973 to 1992.



11 thoughts on “Village/Belcoo

    1. I enjoyed the town and our apartment but in retrospect I think I would choose a place closer to the coast, loving the sea as I do. We try to keep our stays central in the hope of seeing more of an area but in this case, I would choose the coast. I like the dramatic scenery.


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