Photo Editing: Organized Noise

Paula at Lost in Translation invited Tobias M. Schiel to host her Thursday’s Special challenge, the theme being organized noise.  Please read his interesting and thought provoking post. I really like the term ‘organized noise’; it has such possibilities.  What rang true for me was Tobias’ comment – ” . . .  there is also the aspect of organizing noise into music – or visual ‘noise’ into pictures. Some … Continue reading Photo Editing: Organized Noise


Please click on any image for a larger view Classiebawn Castle, designed by J Rawson Carrol of Dublin and dating to the mid 19thC, was once a favoured residence of Lord Louis Mountbatten.   It’s rather hard to miss, sitting as it does on a hill overlooking the village of Mullaghmore in Ireland. It is built from a yellow-brown sandstone brought by sea from Donegal across the bay. The … Continue reading Castle/Classiebawn

Photo Editing – Cropping for Effect

Sometimes there is more than one image hiding within a single photograph.  Here is a nondescript, ho-hum photograph of the 15thC tower house of King John’s Castle in Kilmallock, County Limerick, Ireland, followed by three different images cropped from this one photograph.  Please click on any image for a larger view. #1  In addition to cropping I judiciously removed any elements that I felt were … Continue reading Photo Editing – Cropping for Effect

Church/St. Paul’s, Cahir

St. Paul’s Church is suitably located on Church Street in Cahir in County Tipperary, Ireland.  It is a John Nash design, built in 1817 and one of only two known churches that Nash designed. Please click on any image for a larger view.       It is also the only one with most of its original interior, including the decoratively-carved pine pews, with individual doors … Continue reading Church/St. Paul’s, Cahir

Photo Editing – painterly images

Here are two images I created from my photos using Sagelight software. For those of you who don’t already know, I LOVE Sagelight for the limitless variety that can be produced, each resulting piece one of a kind.  Originals follow. Please click on images for a larger view.   For a different edited version of the above image, not ‘artified’, click here   Continue reading Photo Editing – painterly images

Statues & Sculptures/3

Edmund Keating Hyland – Cahir, County Tipperary, Ireland This statue by  Mona Croome Carroll, 1999 sits in The Square in Cahir.  Hyland, 1780-1845, blind from the age of 15 due to small pox,  became a composer and one of Ireland’s most gifted uilleann pipers.  Uilleann pipes are the national bagpipe of Ireland from the Irish term pfobai uilleann – “pipes of the elbow”, so known from their method … Continue reading Statues & Sculptures/3

Statues & Sculptures/2

Lotsenehrung  – Pilot Ceremony This statue by Reinhard Dietrich is a tribute to the pilots and the saviours of those in distress at sea. It is a 1976 sculpture located near the lighthouse in Warnemunde, Germany.  There are a number of other sculptures by Dietrich in and around the Warnemunde/Rostock area but this is the only one I captured with my camera. Dietrich has been recognized … Continue reading Statues & Sculptures/2

Door 12 – Lochiel Church

It is believed that church services have been conducted in this little church since the early 1800’s although church records only date back to 1863 – that’s considered quite old in Canada; we have such a  baby history. Please click on the images for a larger view Attendance at St. Alexander’s Catholic Church has declined over the years to the point it has been in … Continue reading Door 12 – Lochiel Church