Photography – Composition

I’ve been looking through my photos for an example of good, or poor, use of vertical lines and I thought this might be a useful example of good use.

DSCN9656 River Maigue at Bruree Limerick sl 8x6

The vertical line of the tree on the right blocks the strong horizontal line of the bridge.  Without it, the eye would follow the bridge right out of the photo.  The trunk and the branches keep the eye moving within the focus of the image, which is the bridge and the village.  The brightness of the blue and orange  houses also helps to balance the image.

Cee’s Compose Yourself: vertical lines


9 thoughts on “Photography – Composition

  1. Definitely. The trees and bridge almost seem symmetrical. The contrast is difficult to distinguish so the eyes follow the leaves like a colorful pattern.


  2. When it comes to things like this, I am totally clueless Lynne. 😀

    I on the other hand think the tree branches on the left makes a nice frame and it does draw the eye into the bridge and the orange and blue helps as well. This is such a beautiful and serene view. I also love the clouds! 😀


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